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Lexington, KY Area Jobs
Lexington, KY Full time
Posted on December 8, 2017

Looking for Waitresses Day and Night Shift Cowboys.


Waitresses Job Duties:


Welcomes customers when they arrive at a restaurant, cafe, or other eating or drinking establishment

Introduces customers to the menu and announces daily or seasonal menu specials

Answers questions about menu items, ingredients, and pricing

Takes customers' orders for food and drink by writing them on a ticket, entering them into a tablet, or memorizing them

Passes customer orders along to kitchen staff for preparation

Prepares drinks and serves them to customers

Collects food orders from the kitchen, verifies that they are correct, and serves them to customers

Ensures that customers are satisfied with their meals and processes orders for additional courses if necessary

Removes used dishes, glasses, and flatware from tables

Prepares cheques and delivers them to customers

Processes cash and credit card payments and returns change to customers if necessary

Sets tables with dishes, glasses, and flatware and refills condiments

Maintains familiarity with menu items, specials, and restaurant information

Meets with managers and wait staff daily or regularly in order to learn about menu changes and specials as well as discuss upcoming reservations and customers with special needs