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Assistant Teacher

Kidz Konnection Child Care
Lexington, KY Part time
Posted on February 24, 2018

Caring for children of any age requires flexibility and spontaneity. Thus, common sense will be required from all teachers. There may be other responsibilities necessary to this job that is not necessary listed. These will be assigned at the director's discretion. Even though each ECP will have a primary group of children which they care for each day, every child in our center is the responsibility of every staff member in our center. Every staff member will provide the best care possible to every child present regardless of whether or not that child is in your primary class of children.

The responsibilities of an ECP include but are not limited to the following:

• Responsible for following the guidelines as set forth by the Cabinet for Health Services Division of Licensed Child Care daily.

• Responsible for insuring that proper ratio is maintained for the age of children in your care.

• Responsible for using on clean, positive, and appropriate language at all times.

• Responsible for being drug and alcohol free while caring for the children.

• Responsible for insuring that children are in a safe, clean, age appropriate, and fun environment while at the center.

• Responsible for interacting in a positive manner with the children in your care daily to promote age appropriate physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

• Responsible for daily exposure to age appropriate activities to stimulate academic development. (Language, Math, Science, Music, etc.)

• Responsible for insuring that children engage in outdoor activities daily when weather permits.

• Responsible for developing and posting and executing a weekly lesson plan which is age appropriate and enjoyable by the children in your care.

• Responsible for having alternate activities for children who do not want to participate with the group.

• Responsible for allowing children to choose their own activities at least twice daily.

• Responsible for completing the sign in and sign out sheet for your class daily.

• Responsible for keeping your classroom environment safe and clean by:

  • Disinfecting toys daily.
  • Removing broken/unsafe toys from classroom daily.
  • Keeping classroom free from any objects which may be potential hazards to the children.
  • Keeping classroom and environments clean and tidy.

• Responsible for insuring children are served complete and nutritional meals. This means making sure all components are served at meal time. If all components are not available or not provided to your children at meal time, report this to the kitchen manager and director immediately.

• Responsible for assisting children at meal time as necessary based on age and development of the children.

• Responsible for keeping a positive and enjoyable environment for children at meal time.

• Responsible for attending training class as required to maintain the annual training required by Licensing and Regulation.

• Responsible for attending training and educational classes as required by Kidz Konnection, Inc. and its Director.

• Responsible for paying for and obtaining a T.B. skin test as required by Licensing and regulation.

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