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Posted on January 9, 2018

GROUNDSKEEPERS may include, but not limited to: mowing, trimming, planting, digging, raking, leaf blowing, sprinkler installation. Post-employment drug test. Must tolerate extreme temps, loud noises; lift heavy equip. and have stamina. No exp. Req. Full-Time 40 Hrs. No OT.  M-F 7:30am-4pm depending on weather. $12.18/hr. Biweekly pay. Employer makes law-required deductions, provides tools/ supplies/equip-no charge, assures ¾ workdays every12-wks. 1work week used as wage standard. Return transport provided if workers finish contract or laid off.? Transport. provided based on the most cost-effective common carrier for distance. Subsist. provided @$12.07-$51/day during travel w/ receipts. Temporary positions from 03/18/2018 to 11/30/2018. Worksites in Lexington-Fayette, KY MSA. Transport. provided to worksites from shop.  Apply at the?KY Career Center 1050 Goodwin Ave.?2nd Floor, Lexington, KY 40505 p: 859-425-2187 or send resumes to: 

Penny @HENKEL DENMARK, INC., 1116 Manchester St, Lexington, KY 40508, for 25 temporary positions. JO# 804553431 

Cherie @ THOMPSON AND SHEARER FARM SUPPLY, INC. 201 ETTER DRIVE, NICHOLASVILLE, KY 40536 for 8 temporary positions. JO# 804550831 

Steve @ THE GARDENER, 2004 Harvest Dr, Lexington, KY 40515, for 6 temporary positions JO # 804792601 

Keller@ PLOT LANDSCAPING, 146 S Forbes Rd Ste 160, Lexington KY 40511, for 10 temporary positions. JO # 804556541 

Sue @ UNITED LANDSCAPE, 729 BELLAIRE Ave, Lexington, KY 40508, for 8 temporary positions JO # 804797191 

Ben @ BLUEGRASS DREAMSCAPES, 1672 Brumfield Ln, Nicholasville, KY 40356, for 5 temporary positions JO # 804786051 

Todd @ CRASE’S LAWNCARE, INC. 608 Mount Tabor Rd, Lexington, KY 40517, for 4 temporary positions JO# 804500011 

Mike @ LAWN MASTERS, 4101 Tates Creek Center Dr, Lexington, KY 40517, for 8 temporary positions JO # 804555231

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